Head-on Washer

IFPE Shrimp Head-on Washer has dual functions that were air bubble and water spray. The dust particles can be cleaned in all directions and at multiple angles from the Shrimps. The pressure pump can generate bubbles at the bottom of the water tank after it starts to work. The generated air bubbles can wash Shrimps. It can be used for extending many sizes of shrimp as required with the most precision and optimum reliability.

In IFPE Shrimp Head-on Washer, air bubbles generated by the high-pressure blower can drive the continuous water circulation, so that the shrimps floating and immersed in the water can be turned over and washed, and the continuous water flow can ensure that the product is gently washed, soiled, and the raw materials are not damaged. The speed of the conveyor can be controlled by the frequency converter according to the characteristics of the aquacultural product, thereby controlling the time during which the product is washed in the water.

It is the ideal equipment for the processing of shrimps, prawns, crabs, and other seafood. We are mainly engaged in Shrimp Processing, Fish Processing Sectors, and other Seafood Processing Sectors, which include single machine and turn-key production line solutions.

Head-on Washer (Single Dip)

Head-on Washer
  • It adopts bubble spray technology to thoroughly clean the materials.
  • The structured design ensures easy cleaning, operation, and maintenance.
  • This machine is made of high-quality SS304, which conforms to the national food industry standards.
  • The high-pressure air bubble and spraying water can wash off dirt, sands, and other residues.
  • Equipped with VFD to better adjust the conveyor speed.
  • Equipped with spraying section with clean water for twice washing.
  • The objects are automatically conveyed to the spraying section by the conveyor.
  • Best choice for small, medium, and large-scale shrimp processing sectors.
  • Improves production efficiency, saves labor, and reduces cost.
  • Material handling for turn-key solutions.

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