Filth Washer

Bin/Crate Washer

Would you like to clean more crates fully automatically?

We have the ideal Bin Washer for that!

In our product range, you will find many types of Bin/Crate Washing Machines, for small or large crates. IFPE also develops tailor-made Bin Washing Machines that are fully customized to suit your needs. For many companies, the ability to provide a cleaning solution for their specific needs is the main reason for choosing IFPE. IFPE develops and builds Bin Washing Machines for Seafood & Shrimp Processing Units.

These machines are capable of washing different sizes and shapes of Bins. Other issues such as waste removal and water recycling also play an important role in the choice of a washing machine. These custom-built Bin Washers are built to order and your specifications, as well as options such as drying. The machines can operate either with freshwater or recycled.

IFPE is an expert in hygiene and operates in different sectors. These advantages ensure that our Bin Washers are sustainable, environmentally friendly, and cost-saving machines.

  • Different types of filter systems are applicable according to your situation.
  • Material handling for turn-key solutions.
  • Nozzles are easy to adjust and easy to clean
  • Powerful nozzles to remove contaminants
  • Small production series: 100 ~ 500 Crates/hour.
  • Different washing phases for complete cleaning, according to specific needs of hygiene.
  • Effective crate cleaning can remove harmful bacteria and allergens, which can travel on crates.
  • There is a water level switch that helps cut back on water waste, preventing the pumps from running dry and burning out the machine.

Would you like to see more of our projects and get additional information?

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Would you like to see more of our projects and get additional information?

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