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    Indian Fisheries Process Equipments

    Fisheries Process Equipments

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Indian Fisheries Process Equipments


Indian Fisheries Process Equipments (IFPE) into manufacturing and fabricating of fisheries equipment for food processing catering to the need for hygienic application in various sectors like Fishery, Dairy, Food & Beverage, and Pharmaceutical chemicals industries.

Our success is attributed to our approach to continuous 3 (I)’s Innovation, Improvement & Implementation loyalty to the customer and their satisfaction is our prime objective. IDEF Cleaning Systems is an expert in hygiene and operates in different sectors. These advantages ensure that our Cleaning Systems are sustainable, environmentally friendly, and cost-saving machines.

Our success is attributed to our customer loyalty and satisfaction constantly developing new products and providing high standard, intricate components at competitive prices to our clients is the main objective and our enthusiasm for providing excellent service by following a quality management system in administration and production.




What we

Washing Equipments

Head-on Washer, Head-less Washer, Filth Washer, Shrimp washer, PD Washer, Bin washer

Process Equipments

Soaking Agitator, De-Panning Machine, Platforms, Dip Glazing Conveyor, Tub Tipper


Container Loading Conveyor, Shrimp De-heading Conveyor, Pan Setting Conveyor, Material Transfer Conveyor, IQF Infeed Conveyor, IQF Outfeed Conveyor, Inclined Belt Conveyor, Modular Belt Inclined Conveyor, Shrimp Head Waste Discharge Conveyor, Gravity Roller Conveyor, Carton Box Lift Conveyor

Tables & Stands

De-heading Table, Working Table, Checking Table, Inspection Table, Packing Table, Packing Hooper, Supervisor Desk, Writing Table, Weighment Checking Table, Net Stand, Footrest, Crate Stand, Boot Stand, Shoe Rack, Dining Table, Hostel Beds

Tubs & Trolleys

Single Tub Trolley, Double Tub Trolley, Pan Trolley, Ice Tub Trolley, Tray Trolley, Hand Dip Tub, Double Hand Dip Tub


Wash Basin, SS Locker, Cloth Cupboards, Shovel, Scoop, Stool, Coat Hanger, SS Drain System, Drain Grills, Block Ice Crusher, Railings & Bumper Guards, SS Wall Cladding, Hose Pipe Hangers, Chute Doors, SS Doors, Conveyor Belts, Eye Link Chain Belt


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If you want to contact us please contact us at (+91) 77021 33022 - (+91) 92466 51059 or mail to sales@ifpe.in.
We will be happy to tell you more about Indian Fisheries Process Equipments (IFPE)